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ZDJ-1800 Secondary Bagging Machine



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ZDJ-1800 Secondary Bagging Machine

Suitable for bagging of double-sided packaging products such as rice and flour.
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1. Scope of application

Suitable for bagging of double-sided packaging products such as rice and flour.

2. Technical parameters

Model number


Bagging method


Bagging range

(5-10) kg

Bagging capacity

(1500-1800) packages/hour

Packing specification

5kg×10 packs; 5kg×5 packs; 10kg×5 packs

Air pressure


Air consumption


Power/power consumption

AC380V±10% 50Hz three-phase five-wire system; 5kW

Grounding form


Ambient temperature


environment humidity

It does not exceed 90%RH at 40°C, and greater humidity is allowed at low temperatures

3. Features

1. The secondary bagging machine is a part of the automatic packaging, bagging and palletizing production line. It is used in conjunction with the automatic sewing bag in the production line to complete the secondary bagging work of manual bagging, automatic bagging and sewing.

2. High bagging efficiency: the bag to be bagged is designed with a pre-storage station, and the bagging speed is fast. Store 4 bags before bagging, reducing the time waiting for bagging when bagging.

3. Wide range of application: According to the size of the bag to be put into the bag, by adjusting the hand wheel, the product bagging can be switched back and forth. Meet the needs of flexible production.

4. Good bagging effect: This product adopts drop bagging, instead of traditional sliding bagging. Feeding through the lifting conveyor can reduce the bag falling stroke, thus ensuring the bag shape when the bag is falling. The bag-feeding conveyor adopts a servo system with fast moving speed and low operating noise.

5. Good man-machine interface: convenient operation and maintenance. The equipment has a fault self-checking prompt function, and the fault can be quickly eliminated according to the fault prompt.

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