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QZB-600S automatic packaging machine



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QZB-600S automatic packaging machine

Automated packaging of granular materials in industries such as miscellaneous grains, feed, seeds, rice, and sugar.
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1. Scope of application

Automated packaging of granular materials in industries such as miscellaneous grains, feed, seeds, rice, and sugar.

2. Technical parameters



Filling method

1 time/1 bag filling

Bag material

1. Open woven bag without film.
2. Woven bag with inner membrane opening. (The inner
film is bonded to the mouth of the bag ) 3. Double-sided film-covered woven bag with opening.

Packing range

(20-40) kg

Bag closed form

Folding, sewing machine, labeling

Packaging speed

(600-660) packages/hour

Weighing error


Feeding form

Gravity feeding


Cylinder, servo type, supported by three sensors

Suitable materials

Granular materials with better flowability

Air pressure

(0.5~0.7) MPa

Air consumption


Power/power consumption

AC380V±10% 50Hz three-phase five-wire system; 5.5KW

Grounding form


Ambient temperature


environment humidity

It does not exceed 90%RH at 40°C,
and greater humidity is allowed at low temperatures

Dimensions (mm)
length × width × height


3. Features

1. After the equipment manually places the packaging bag, it can automatically complete the filling and sealing process, which is convenient and simple to operate.

2. Using touch screen and PLC programmable control system, the man-machine interface display operation is clearer, simpler and more user-friendly. The equipment has a fault self-check function, and the fault can be quickly eliminated according to the touch screen prompts.

3. The equipment is highly safe, with a closed structure and interlocking device. If a worker enters the equipment, the equipment will automatically shut down and give an alarm. After the reset is manually confirmed, the equipment can be restarted.

4. Unique patented woven bag opening technology, stable and reliable opening.

5. The transmission mechanism adopts a servo motor and gear transmission method to ensure that each action is flexible, accurate and fast.

6. The unique automatic lifting conveyor has a wide range of lifting height, accurate and stable lifting, and strong carrying capacity.

7. The weighing system adopts three sensors and a scientific and reasonable layout, so that the weighing bucket is reasonably stressed, which greatly improves the stability and anti-interference ability of the equipment.

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