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A. 7*24 hours all-weather service Customers call the service hotline within 24 hours, and the service system will be activated as soon as possible, effectively improving the service time rate, and providing customers with a five-star service of love, confidence, care, patience and perseverance for 365 days.
B. The service network is spread all over the country, focusing on brand building, Yongcheng has always regarded customer service as the foundation of the brand. It has established 8 service areas and dozens of service outlets across the country, which can respond to customer needs in a timely manner response.
C. The humanized training system will always be a customer to create continuous intangible value. Exclusive senior engineers provide customers with on-site operation explanations and in-depth telephone communication training services, so as to resolve doubts at any time.



A long-term enterprise is based on credibility and treats people with sincerity --- this is the quality of being a person and the foundation of business. We adhere to the principle of "sincerity-oriented and trust-first" to customers and employees. Money is valuable, and reputation is more expensive.


Courage to innovate

Innovation is the soul of Yongcheng, the foundation for us to maintain vigorous vitality, and the magic weapon for gaining competitive advantage and being invincible. It is the responsibility of every eternal adult to learn with an open mind at all times and always be bold and innovative.


Steady development

The company's sustainable and stable development is our unremitting pursuit. The continuous development and progress of employees is the company's unshirkable responsibility. Yongcheng is not only a company that manufactures products, but also a company that develops human resources.


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